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Course Description

The Thunderbunny Trail Race courses offer some of the best singletrack trails in Ohio, and runners will be treated with beautiful springtime foliage, full of flowers and lush greenery along the entire course!  The 50K course gives everything Strouds Run and Athens has to offer in one go-around, and the 25K+ and 11K courses provide a shortened preview of the best Athens trails!  All three distances start with a one mile road section to let the field space out before entering the namesake Thunderbunny Trail.  After completing the Thunderbunny and Hollow Point trails the 11K runners will be finished, and the two longer distances continue to make a loop around Dow Lake on the Sundown and Hickory trails.  It's not until runners reach mile 15.8 miles that the 50K and 25K split; 25K runners will have just one and a half more miles to the finish, and the 50K route begins the "back half" of the course.  The three hardest climbs of the course come in the second half of the 50K - up Finger Rock, up Hope Drive, and then up Athens trail from Sells Park.  After the three hardest climbs, 50K runners will still need to complete the Thunderbunny and Hollow Point trails before heading to the finish line.   

Enter the 50K to experience a challenging variety of steep long hills on the back half along with the gentler rolling hills in the first half, while running through the best scenery in Athens County! If you're looking for a more gentle experience at Thunderbunny you have the 25K+ and 11K distances that traverses the best singletrack in the park!  

Course Maps
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-downloadable GPX files via the right side menu 
50K Terrain Overview
  • 3517 feet of elevation gain

  • 29 miles of singletrack trail

  • 1 mile of gravel road

  • 1 mile of pavement

50K Aid Station Chart (Download Chart)
25K Terrain Overview
  • 1608 feet of elevation gain

  • 16.1 miles of singletrack trail

  • 1 mile of pavement

25K Aid Station Chart (Download Chart)
11K Terrain Overview
  • 610 feet of elevation gain

  • 5.84 miles of singletrack trail

  • 1 mile of pavement

11K Aid Station Chart
Cutoff Details

*Please note that the cutoff times are when aid stations will pull you from the course, or, "cut you off" from the course, and is slower than 9 hour pace. We give you some wiggle room early in the race with regard to the cutoff pace in case you run the second half of the race faster. Please respect the organizers decision of cutoff times and understand these times when entering Thunderbunny. If you arrive at an aid station after the cutoff times you will be told to stop the race, and will be transported back to the finish line.

**For 25K runners, pay special attention to the "Dow Lake Dam" cutoff time, as that is the one true hard cutoff for the 25K course.  This time coincides with the 50K cutoff at this location.  After the Dow Lake Dam, 25K runners will have a plenty of time to make the Gillette Junction cutoff time, and this is due to that aid station remaining open for the duration of the 50K race.

We do not have a hard cutoff for the 11K course; with the race starting at 9:00AM on Saturday morning you will have plenty of time to finish the 11K course no matter what level you are at or what speed you plan on going.  It is great for hikers!  3 hours for the 11K is 24 minute pace per mile, and 30 minute per mile pace for 11K is under 3:30 - this will give most people the ability to finish before 12:30PM.

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