Ohio's Backyard Ultra Specs

Date:  November 14, 2020

Time:  7:30AM and every hour thereafter

Location:  McChesney Ridge Athletic Club, Lucasville, Ohio

Ohio's Backyard Ultra Registration

The capacity is 110 runners

The price is $85.00

Registration Open Date:  Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 12:01 AM

Registration Close Date:  Wednesday, November 11, 2020 11:59 PM 

*For the 2019 event, Ohio's Backyard Ultra Sold out in 6 days.  We expect the same to be said for the 2020 event.

Waitlist:  Once the race meets its capacity, a waitlist will be opened.  As runners withdraw from the event, the next name on the waitlist will be invited into the field of runners.  You'll receive an email notification to either accept or decline that spot.  


The Last Person Standing will receive $3.00 per mile completed as a reward.  In 2019 the Last Person Standing won $387.90.

All other runners are considered a "Did Not Finish" (DNF) and will not receive an award.

Each runner that registers will receive a t-shirt.

Laz's Affiliation

Ohio's Backyard Ultra is part of the "2020 Backyard Ultra Golden Ticket" series, serving as an "Affiliate Race" with an opportunity to gain entry into Lazarus Lake's original Big Dog's Backyard Ultra.

While not an automatic qualifier, the winner of Ohio's Backyard Ultra will have a chance to gain entry into Laz's Big Dog's Backyard Ultra as an "at-large" qualifier based on how their finishing distance stacks up against other North American affiliate races.

If a runner qualifies from our Ohio's Backyard Ultra, SEOTR will pay for your race entry into Laz's Big Dog's Backyard Ultra.

Ohio's Backyard Ultra Description

The first ever Ohio Backyard Ultra took place in 2019, and will be back for a 2nd year in 2020.

With the urging of Gary Cantrell, aka Lazarus Lake, aka Laz, who started the original Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra and the Barkley Marathons, more races of this layout are being started.  This is one of them.

So in likewise fashion, the Ohio Backyard Ultra will follow as closely to Laz’s original format as possible.


The concept is simple.  It’s a “Last Man Standing Race” and in the end, just one runner will finish the race.


At 0730 hours on Saturday, March 21st, 2019 we will start a race at McChesney Ridge on a course measured at 4.1667 miles.  The time limit for this race is one hour.


Again at 0830 hours, we will begin another race around the same 4.1667 mile trail.
The same will be done at 0930, 1030, 1130, and so on, every hour.


Runners must be standing in the starting corral when the next race starts or else they may not continue.
Runners will also not continue if they choose not to themselves.  
No late starts once the bell is rung.
Races will continue until only one runner remains, and at that point, once that person completes a loop on their own, that runner is the winner.
All other runners are a DNF.


At 1930 hours, the races will be moved to a road out and back course and continue in likewise fashion every hour thereafter.
At 0730 hours the next morning, races will continue on the trail loop.


At 3 minutes till each race 3 whistles will be blown.
At 2 minutes till each race 2 whistles will be blown.
At 1 minute till each race 1 whistle will be blown.
At 30 seconds till each race an announcement is made.
At 10 seconds till each race a countdown will begin.
A bell is rung once the race starts.


Once the bell is rung, runners may not visit their crew, their tent, their vehicle or receive aid from anyone.  
Runners must stay on the course once the bell is rung.
The only reason for leaving the course once the bell is rung is to use the porta-potty, or to relieve yourself in the forest.
Once you finish your loop you may choose to do what you want, but must be back in the starting corral before the bell rings.


Runners will need to provide their own aid.
Crews are permitted, but limited to just 1 crew member per runner at all times, and crews are not needed.  Crews may leave and come back if needed.
There will be a space next to the start and finish line to set up a chair, cooler, and other small personal items.
A campground area will be close by where you may set up a tent.
Any runner that DNF’s must immediately vacate their spot close to the finish line to allow surviving runners to move closer.  DNF runners are welcome to continue spectating the Ohio Backyard Ultra. 
Porta-potties will be located just after the start line.


A t-shirt will be provided to all entrants.
There will be some hot foods throughout the night, for meat and vegetarian lovers alike. 
A fire ring to will continue to burn a fire.  This is your trap.
Alcohol is permitted.
Water is provided.
Coffee is provided.


This race is hosted by SEOTR, a non-profit organization.
Many people ask where the entry fees go; proceeds are administered through SEOTR and is used to further the mission of the organization. 

Thanks for your support.


Refund Policy

*New Refund Policy* after postponement


The "Refund Window" for Ohio's Backyard Ultra is as follows:

  • drop 8 or more days prior to the event = 100% refund

  • drop 0-7 days prior to the event = 0% refund

To request a refund:  You must have an UltraSignup account to request your refund.  If you registered as a "guest" please email the race director and we will complete the process.  Follow these steps:​

  1. Log in to Ultrasignup.com

  2. Go into your account info and click "Registration History."

  3. Click "edit" next to the race you wish to withdraw from.

  4. After this scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red "Cancel Registration" button.

  5. Once you select cancel registration a box will appear giving you the option to select the refund.

  6. Click "Process."

**Please note that in some cases a bank will not accept a refund back onto a credit card if the original purchase was made over 90 days ago; in that case the race director will be notified and will send your refund via a check through the mail.

See more information on SEOTR's rules and policies on our Race Policies Page.

***There will be no Rollovers or Deferments for Ohio's Backyard Ultra


McChesney Ridge Athletic Club

2198 Sedan Crabtree Rd.

Lucasville, Ohio 45648

Ohio's Backyard Ultra Course

Each 4.1667 course will be two (2) loops of 2.08 miles.

Course Maps (click below to activate interactive maps)

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