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2 Weeks Before the 2023 Thunderbunny Trail Races!

Hello Thunderbunny Runners and Volunteers,

We are now two weeks out from Thunderbunny, and I just wanted to touch base with everyone for the first time leading up to the race with some news and updates. This will not be the last email you receive from us about the race, so make sure you stay tuned in for future participant email as the race gets closer. All pertinent event details (such as course maps, aid station charts, schedules/timing, policies/rules, etc) are on the Thunderbunny website for you to view and study. The "2022 Participant Guide" is on the website, but we are currently working on the 2023 version of the Participant Guide with year-specific updates. Most of the details in last year's guide will pertain to this year as well, but every year there are slight modifications. This will be completed soon, and we'll update you via email as well as the link on the website when that happens.

Volunteers - you are on this email for information purposes, but you'll receive a volunteer specific email early next week!

I'm going to highlight some information about this year's event that I hope will raise the excitement and get everyone super pumped for Thunderbunny! The course looks amazing right now with a lot of dedicated volunteers performing countless hours of trail maintenance (after a very windy winter of tree blowdowns!), and the lush growth of spring is in full swing! Beautiful wildflowers and redbud trees are lining the trails as I speak, and I hope some of those vibrant colors will remain on race day.

There is still space in all Thunderbunny race distances, so tell your friends to join you in Athens for the race! This is going to be a great time! Thunderbunny Registration


Most of you probably saw our email yesterday promoting a partnership between Thunderbunny and On for this year's race! If you didn't see that, check out the email highlighting all the great prizes, giveaways, and finish line activities that On is sponsoring for this year's event! CLICK HERE

With that said, we hope that everyone is getting excited for a great post-race celebration at Thunderbunny. Along with On's photo booth, posters, and giveaways, there will be pizza and drinks after the 50K and 25K races on Saturday. All runners get pizza as part of their registration! Plan to stick around and cheer every runner into the finish line, while enjoying those festivities!


We are also super excited to announce Athletic Brewing Company as a sponsor for this year's race as well! Athletic Brewing Company makes non-alcoholic craft beer for endurance athletes as well as non-athletes alike, and this is the perfect post race refreshment!


We also want to highlight two more sponsors that I think everyone will enjoy having at Thunderbunny, Hylē Hydration and Pittsburgh Pickle Company.

Hylē Hydration is the "Official Hydration Sponsor" of SEOTR races in 2023, and you'll be able to expect Hylē at every Thunderbunny aid station and after the race. Hylē Hydration is a sports endurance drink mix that has all your electrolytes covered, and also provides 100 calories per serving. Make use of this drink during Thunderbunny! If you'd like to try it before the race, you can use discount code "SEOTR20" for 20$ off your order!

Pittsburgh Pickle Company: You may wonder why we have a pickle sponsor... well, if you know you know. Pickles are an awesome form of nutrition during an ultra marathon or long trail run. Pickles and pickle juice is a great way to alleviate muscle cramps and settle your stomach. We'll have Pittsburgh Pickle Company's pickles and shots of their "Picklexir" pickle juice at some of the Thunderbunny aid stations!


That will be it for now. Stay tuned and expect another email as the race approaches. Happy Trail Running!



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